César de la Fuente highlights his experience over the past year after receiving the 2020 NEMO Prize

By Hannah Spector

César de la Fuente is a University of Pennsylvania presidential assistant professor and leader of the Machine Biology Group. He has appointments in the Perelman School of Medicine and the School of Engineering and Applied Science. In June 2020, de la Fuente was selected as the first recipient of the annual Nemirovsky Engineering and Medicine Opportunity (NEMO) Prize. Made possible by a generous gift from Ofer Nemirovsky, EE’79, W’79, PAR’21, the NEMO Prize is focused on supporting early-stage ideas at the intersection of engineering and medicine. Awardees receive $80,000 to support their project.

What is your NEMO-funded…

This organization is helping students gain exposure to the intersection of business and medicine.

By Hannah Spector

Since its founding in 2013 by Dr. Roderick Wong, PennHealthX has grown into a fully-funded program that provides medical students with opportunities to explore and contribute to innovation in health care. In addition to their coursework and clinical rotations, PennHealthX leadership is busy organizing learning experiences, networking opportunities, and much more for students at the University of Pennsylvania.

Events & Networking

Innovation-based lectures, workshops, and networking events allow students to learn from and work with faculty, industry leaders, and fellow Penn students. PennHealthX has hosted over 100 lecture-series events and four conferences with over 640 tickets sold…

The Bio-MakerSpace offers resources and equipment for all Penn students to achieve project successes.

By Hannah Spector

Educational labs can teach specific laboratory techniques and experimentally demonstrate key theoretical concepts, but this often does not lend itself to design. On the other hand, design labs encourage creativity but are often limited to specific courses, which in turn limits the breadth of resources available.

“We give students the space to learn through experience.”

This is where the George H. Stephenson Foundation Educational Laboratory and Bio-MakerSpace comes in. With over 500 supplies available, the Bio-MakerSpace is open to all Penn students and can accommodate a wide variety of disciplines, such as molecular biology, chemistry work, 3-D…

Penn Engineering and Penn Dental Medicine have united to transform oral health care.

By Hannah Spector

The Center for Innovation & Precision Dentistry (CiPD) launched on January 22nd with a virtual program to celebrate this new partnership. Their goals are two-fold: 1) Accelerate the discovery and translation of new therapies, diagnostics, and devices to address unmet needs in oral health, and 2) Train the next generation of leaders in oral-craniofacial research and oral health care innovation.

“There is an urgent need to innovate and find new affordable solutions for people who are susceptible to oral and craniofacial diseases.”

The center’s co-directors are Dr. Michel Koo, DDS, MS, PhD of Penn Dental Medicine and…

Penn Health-Tech

We unite Penn Medicine, Penn Engineering, and beyond to create transformative technologies that address the world’s pressing healthcare needs.

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